Hi my name is James. I am the owner of AIRTIGHT VINYL SIDING & WINDOWS. We are celebrating our 20th year in business in 2012.We have amazing customers, awesome employees, and outstanding vendors. Thank you to all who have made these past 2 decades so successful.

My wife and I started AIRTIGHT in a small office in Soquel, California in 1992. We started this company with one thing in mind, “The People Friendly Contractor.” Our moto is, “As soon as we know it; so do you.” We are a construction company that continously tries to give what we would want as a customer, both in product as well as service.

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Here are Some Testimonials from Happy Customers

We needed to get a window installed in our house in the mountains, and we already had the window (a long story but it was acquired by a contractor who didn’t finish the job). Some installers refused to install someone else’s window, others wouldn’t even come to our location. We saw high reviews online for Airtight, so we gave them a call and were terrifically glad we did! They came out to inspect the job, gave us a fair and clearly explained estimate, then when the time came for the work, it was done quickly and beautifully. They had every possible part needed on their trucks, including an unusual width of trim that proved essential – and they cleaned up after themselves impeccably. We couldn’t have asked for better service, and they definitely won themselves a new customer – we will be using them for more installations and this time, we’ll buy the windows from them!
• Gary Milliken


This is a family owned business where the owner with over 20 years experience is helping with the install.  Certified Anlin window installers another family owned company the windows are made here in California to order.  Arrived on time, very hard workers with attention to detail.  I have security bars but they managed to remove them and reinstall.  I am so happy I used airtight vinyl siding and windows.  James and his crew are like a well oiled machine.  Good service, good product, good workmanship, and good price.  The salesman Tom was pleasant and informative as well, and James’ wife Renee in the office was very helpful and a pleasure to deal with.

I can’t use enough superlatives to describe our experience with Airtight from the staff to the finished result.

We live in the Santa Cruz mountains and find ourselves surrounded by homeowners who find in acceptable to leave their dogs out barking all night. Suffice to say with an older house the insulation leaves a lot to be desired and add an early wake up from idiots with a Rooster and you have a situation that needs attention.

Actually our pick list of irritating things to solve with insulation would be the following:

  • Roosters
  • Barking dogs
  • Noisy old cars
  • Woodpeckers on the walls
  • Bats getting into the eves
  • Bodged siding repairs by previous owners
  • Temperature difference between inside and outside scarily close
  • Me putting too many wires around the house for home theatre
  • Shakes getting knocked off by woodpeckers
  • Window treatments getting rotten
  • Severe weather swings causes paint to break down super quick
  • Generally old and dated look from cheap vertical siding making potential resale limited

Whilst researching retrofit foam insulation, I came across recycled low impact Vinyl siding which is pre insulated and seems to be the norm on the east coast but not so much on the west. I lobbed a call into our local installer being Airtight. They returned my message immediately and booked an inspection. As a point of reference I also called three foam installer and none bothered responding.

After a short visit and a proposal, we agreed, signed their paperwork and they ordered the materials. What was a total bonus was that the new siding goes straight on-top of our existing cladding and is pre-colored so it never needs painting.

They started the job when they said, they were a little slower than they promised but and I mean a big but, they worked on the house as if it were their own. They really took their time, had great attention to detail, there was no drama, no fuss, no breakages and they cleaned up nicely after every evening.

We now have a house that looks modernized and is scarily so quiet inside that I sometimes wonder if there has been an apocalypse and we are the last remaining people on earth.

O.K perhaps a little far fetched but I highly recommend the product and this team, fantastic experience baring in mind they were with us for nearly four weeks which is more than enough to hate a contractor :-)

Thanks James, you did your company proud ! Oh and he really looks after his crew well, he bought them drinks and food to the site, he forced them to take breaks and even made them put on sunscreen. Perhaps a little girlie but we noticed and this is the sort of ethics and commitment that makes them who they are and why we would heartily recommend them.