James Sampson, Managing Owner of Airtight Vinyl Siding and Windows   



As the founder of Airtight Vinyl Siding and Windows, James Sampson has been providing quality and detail oriented construction services for over 24 years in Santa Cruz, Santa Clara and Monterey Counties.    

James’ goal has always been to provide the complete construct for window, siding and decking renovation projects, all of which are unparalleled and far exceed the expectations of clients.

Renee Sampson, James’ wife, manages Airtight’s office showroom.  She also handles the books, coordinates job estimate appointments/consultations and is the first point of contact with most clients.   Renee of Airtight Vinyl Siding and Windows ensures that the construction team, which handles all commercial and residential installation projects, is on point with customer requests, needs and wants.   

James and Renee’s professional experience is what allows them to provide an unmatched level of project excellence on all Airtight projects.   They are extremely proud to say and know that over 70%  of their business is derived through referrals, return customers and botched competitor jobs who have heard that Airtight can fix the problem!.

The Sampsons align their interests with client interests every step of the way, working to realize client visions, while providing a straightforward and worry-free process.

What is Airtight Vinyl Siding and Windows’ company vision?   The company’s vision has always been to act as an indispensable business partner for clients by first understanding goals, and then delivering  value driven solutions for those home goals.    

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