Replace Your Window Frames With Some Of These 4 Options


4 Options for Replacing Your Santa Cruz Windows 

At Airtight Vinyl Siding & Windows, our customers and community come first so we are pleased to offer a guide for Santa Cruz County, California residents describing several window options that can keep your winter warm and your summer cool.  Not everyone understands the tremendous value of having new window frames on their homes or businesses- just think of all the advantages to having them installed.  They are modern, similarly attractive to cabinetry and can open up a room or a view.  They reduce air filtration to practically undetectable numbers so your electricity bills drop and they have a long lifespan garnering a high Return on Investment (ROI).

But, if you are replacing your windows or installing windows on a brand new construction, you could easily get overwhelmed with all your choices if you are new to the replacement window industry.  Window frames come in a number of different kinds of materials, which include aluminum, composite fiberglass plastics, wood and vinyl.  So, where do you begin and which option is right for you?  Below is a basic rundown of the pros and cons of the 4 aforementioned new window installation options to choose from on the market:   

Aluminum Windows  


Aluminum window frames have come a long way.  Back in the day, they were notorious for letting air seep out through their sashes and frames.  Now, there are new products that have thermal breaks which separate the interior and exterior sections of a window to improve energy efficiency.  Although aluminum frames are slightly more expensive than vinyl frames, they are less expensive than wood ones.  Milgards Aluminum Windows offers superb strength, rigidity, and narrow frames which can be configured into a number of combinations to let lots of light and views in.  Modern aluminum windows work perfect for warmer climates and ocean view properties. Higher end models do a good job of resisting the elements and deterioration.  Aluminum windows also come in durable factory applied color options; home designers even use them sometimes because their slim frames go well with modern architectural style homes.  

Composite Fiberglass Windows 


Composite frame windows made from fiberglass and other materials are the newest choice on the market.  These types of windows are made from strong lightweight energy efficient materials similar to materials that create products like car bumpers.  There are a few different types of composite windows available on the market.  The word composite window means that it is made or composed of more than one material.  

Composite frame windows are high-performing windows that some experts feel outperform vinyl and aluminum windows in durability.  They are generally priced in between the average cost of wood and vinyl windows.  One of our favorite manufacturers Marvin makes a type of Ultrex composite window named Integrity which uses a combination of polyester resin and fiberglass. One of the cool differences about these types of window frames compared to vinyl frames is that they can be painted any color to match or contrast other parts of your home’s exterior.     

Wood Windows  


Wood windows are strong, beautiful and relatively energy efficient although not as energy efficient as some of the other choices mentioned here.  They have been around the longest out of all the window frame options.  They are also more expensive and come in very elegant high-end quality woods like cherry, douglas fir, maple, mahogany and pine.  Wood windows can be painted or stained but the one major drawback is that they need the most maintenance out of all the choices- every few years they need to be stained or scraped and repainted to keep their look and protection from weather elements. Because of their classy charming look, they are very often found on higher-end homes.  To learn more, check out our wood windows installations page.  

Vinyl Windows  


Vinyl windows first became prevalent during the 1970s and, today, as technology improves they are still considered the most cost effective and frequently used window in many homes across the country.  They are often about half the price of comparable sized wood frame windows.   

New energy efficient technological vinyl materials continue to advance, which are inside chambers of honeycomb shapes that trap air and enhance insulating abilities and can be built to any size opening.   Anlin Vinyl Windows is one of our favorite high quality brands.  

Their main advantage compared to wood windows is that they don’t need to be scraped and repainted.  But, depending on what manufacturer you choose, sometimes the amount colors to choose from can limited.  

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Airtight Window experts will assist and guide your replacement window decision by breaking down your choices by price, style, size and material.  Whichever window frame type you end up choosing, remember to not go by price and material alone.  “Be sure to come by our showroom to check out the locks, cranks and lifts” says James Sampson, of Airtight Windows and Vinyl Siding in Santa Cruz, California. “The windows should be easy to use and feel comfortable in your hand. A trusted quality window also has quality hardware.”  Give us a call 831-462-9695 or simply fill out our contact form to set up a estimate and consultation.